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With smart data annotation tools and one-click service for model training,
your AI project from start to finish can be done here FASTER than ever.

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Get from raw data to AI faster


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  • Upload


    Start creating project. Drag and drop image directories through the web UI.

  • Add team squad

    Add team squad

    Invite collaborators, manage your teams, and assign them to the project.

  • Label Data

    Label Data

    The teams use our convenient and effective tools to annotate the dataset.

  • Review


    Validate annotation results to ensure data quality. Track the team's performance and accuracy.

  • Train


    Train your dataset with state of the art model using our one-click training solution.

  • Deploy


    Deploy your trained model to web browser or other cloud instances.


Accurately is...

Your best choice for
computer vision

  • deploy

    Auto-label your image 10x faster with AI.

  • productivity

    Collaborate across workforces for higher productivity.

  • one-stop

    One-stop services for creating your computer vision model.

  • easy

    Easiest to use intuitive tools and visualization even for beginners.

We believe the real impact happens
when your creation is put to use,

Accurately is designed by ML experts to help you and your team iterate from annotation to application for real world business problems faster within a single platform.

Smart Tools. Get Faster!

Speed Up Your Workflow from
Scratch to Production

Annotate your image with our powerful and collaborative labeling tool. Speed up your workflow by 10x with our smart AI-powered automatic suggestion system.

Showcase your AI with...

Accurately Demo

We automatically create a simple and ready-to-use demo page for your AI model every time your model is trained without any coding. So you can effortlessly demonstrate your computer vision project and focus on what really matters.

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Our Accurately's platform enables our clients ability to save both time and cost without the need for resource-intensive personnel.

With simple and precise online tools, easily specify the exact parameters you require, and let our state-of-the-art Data Management system do the rest.

From labeling and categorizing to full moderation, AI is utilized at its most efficient form in every step of the process, letting you get back to creating the products your customers want.

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